Superia 400
Happy New Year!
This year I want to see more different places.


7 thoughts on “#104

  1. That’s my favorite place! Unfortunately, I haven’t been there for a while because my grandmother moved to my town, I’m sure I’ll visit again this year! Probably by a bullet train? :)

    • Futoshiさん、
      sorry for late reply..I’m really busy these days…
      Anyway,I visited Toyama last week and had a good lunch with my colleges friends! so “natsukashii”
      It’s good to hear that you’re living with your grandmother now : ) You know I grew up living with my grandma^^

      You should visit here around spring!

    • I’m planning to visit Hokkaido this year…I really hope I can make time for it!
      it’s a really good place to take landscape photos^^ I wanna try!

  2. あけましておめでとう!Me too! I want to go to a lot of different places this year. They call it “wanderlust”. :)

      • I hope I can visit you this year too! I’m sure we will have lots of fun. I really look forward to having photo walks with you!

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