Fujifilm 400
still a bit clueless


6 thoughts on “#86

    • Hi there!
      Thank you for dropping by^ ^
      It was my first time to shoot with fujifilm 400…I find it a little grainy sometimes but still nice..

  1. I’m wondering… is this your current place to live? :) Oh, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, you know, I’m just curious :D I bought a printer for my first time by the way. It’s so wonderful that I can actually touch pictures I shot. The problem is, however, it sometimes has difficulty printing properly. I mean, paper jam or communication errors through wi-fi, and a photo printed at that moment is gone =(

    • I took that from 県庁^^ you should try taking picture from there too!quite a view!
      Anyway,nice to hear you finally got yourself a printer! like taking pictures you can also experience joy in printing photographs…I also have wi-fi but I prefer the usual way haha.. just connect it to your computer..

    • Thank you Katie!
      Still adjusting to many things right now..
      I’m really busy these past few months>_<;
      got so many undeveloped rolls of film

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