Ektar 100


8 thoughts on “#84

  1. Wow, nice picture! Like usual, I can’t see where it is ;) About the picture of the previous post, I guess it’s in Vietnam! Well, you don’t have to answer it so you can keep it secret you know :D

    • ここはFutoshiさんも知っている場所ですよ^^(多分)
      haha!I’ll tell you about where was it probably soon..Still can’t decide which picture from my vacation should I upload here XD


    • Hi there!^^
      Actually there’s a story behind this picture^^
      That old man was so surprised that I am actually shooting with a film camera that day and we had a little conversation..he even asked me why do I prefer film….I don’t actually know him but it was like talking to my grandpa.

      just took this one for remembrance…

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