Fuji Pro400H



Too cold! it doesn’t even feel like autumn..


8 thoughts on “#57

  1. looks like winter.. but i hope not just yet!
    (i’m sure it’ll be sunny next week!)
    nice picture!.. got lucky with the bird? or planned it?

    • Hello Brent,
      Thank you for dropping by.
      That wasn’t planned… I was only trying to shoot the roof with snow on it then suddenly that bird appeared on the scene..haha…

      I really hope it will be sunny next week!

      • yes, hello!
        i only hope it doesn’t rain.. i can deal with the cloudy bit!
        but then again, it is much nicer when it’s sunny! lol

  2. 冬みたいって、屋根に雪積もってるじゃないですか!

    • Mitoさん、

      でも本当はここまだ降ってないです\(//∇//)\ あまりにも寒すぎて冬の写真アップしたくなってしまっただけです(^.^)

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