Portra 800

Captured forever.


2 thoughts on “#56

  1. I’m sorry for talking about previous post, but I tend to watch cartoons or comics when I feel down, especially lighthearted one. My recent favorites are:

    Ocean Waves (海がきこえる). It’s a film from Studio Ghibli! Someone even says it’s the best one in Ghibli films.
    Umimachi Diary (海街diary). 5 volumes of comics. I felt like floating on calm sea while reading it. It’s like staying outside after stop raining.
    Yotsuba& (よつばと!). Well, no need to explain, my best of the best, haha :D

    Hopefully it would help you :)

    • Futoshiさん、
      Oh really!I used to watch anime when I was still in high school but you know there are a lot of things to do
      when you are in college.. But I think that would be a nice idea^^but wait!I really love Studio Ghibli! (^o^)// It’s been a while since I last watched anime…to tell you the truth I used to love anime but never read any manga comics haha…

      Thank you for sharing!^^
      How is the weather in your place?

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