Portra 160



8 thoughts on “#55

    • I love Portra films but 160 is my number one! my forever favorite film I think :)
      I’m always excited when I’m shooting with it!

      looking forward for more film photos from you!

    • I really enjoy using this cam :) especially with the waist level finder not just because I can shoot really low angles but also because that is the only time I get to enjoy film photography without glasses on for a while…haha

      I hope you’ll have yours soon..

  1. Megu-san!
    Good morning :) Wow, it looks like TLR doesn’t it?! Like bowing. I have one of these though, it always stressfull as well as enjoyable to see the finder. So difficult to get accustomed to it, haha.

    • Hello Futoshiさん、
      Yes it does!(^o^)/
      haha!It takes time to get used to it..But I think I’m used to it now^^I really enjoy it.
      and the best part of it is, it can be TLR “like” camera and just a normal film cam..

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