Portra 160

So busy this month and will be a lot busier next month because of my thesis ~_~ Me and my classmate will be going to Prefectural library tomorrow to do some research… やらなきゃいけないこと多すぎて時間が足りないです!

I really hope I can find some time to shoot autumn… or maybe I should bring my camera with me tomorrow.? ^^


6 thoughts on “#54

    • Hello Katie^^
      Tomorrow will be a fine weather so I’ll bring it with me! :)
      Looking forward to your travel photos soon^^

      Anyway, have you been here(Japan)?

  1. You’re taking some photos by now :)
    Here I’m ready to leave for Tokyo from your place, but unfortunately I came to the station an hour before and I’m waiting for it near there :D

    It’s calm weather isn’t it?! The sun isn’t so strong, so comfortable to stay outside.

    • Futoshiさん、
      I thought you’ll spend a couple of days or a week here*O* oh well you can always visit again^^
      Today was a nice weather just a bit chilly but I prefer this:)
      by the way I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures today so I’m thinking of visiting my favorite park any day next week….

      Have a safe trip! next time I hope you can spend more time here and relax =)

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