Portra 400
small and simple.


6 thoughts on “#41

    • oh! Thank you!
      I love trying different films but Portra films and any ISO 100 films are my favorite^^
      Natura 1600 is perfect with Fuji Natura classica.

  1. Megu-san, long time no see! :)
    Although I didn’t comment on your blog, I kept checking it everyday!
    Maybe nine times a day?!(;´▽`A“

    And I like 120film!!!!
    I wish I could take all of pictures with it! :D

    • Futoshi-san,
      I’m sorry for not updating that often but thank you for always visiting my blog!I’m really really happy!
      I was thinking of sending you a message when I read your Japanese blog…but I’m glad that you got yourself back again. Just keep on going :)

      Anyway, I really want to try 120 film! but I don’t have a camera for that haha! maybe someday..
      looking forward to your film shots!

      Have a nice day!

      • Megu-san, I was so impredded when I read your kind comment to me.
        Thank you indeed, I assure I can get back to Tokyo safely tomorrow^^

        Oh, how do you know ハクナマタタ by the way?!
        It’s Swahili!!!!
        “Everything is gonna alright” you know!!
        I haven’t heard it a real long time, but when I read your sentence, I immediately remember the days in Nairobi and East Africa in 2006!
        7 years ago! I can’t imagine it!! Wow! :)

  2. Futoshi-san,
    You’re welcome!
    by the way I learned about “ハクナマタタ” when I was in high school
    I really like the meaning behind it^^ so always remember ハクナマタタ!! haha

    I have few friends from Africa but I’ve never been there..

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