Natura 1600




4 thoughts on “#38

  1. As I have always said before, You take breathtaking Pictures.
    It is truly astounishing that you held on to your passion of photography.
    I hope you continue to show your talents to the world and someday be a very renowned Photographer.

    • Hello!
      Thank you for dropping by and for your flattering comment^^
      I think I know you..
      Anyway,I want to share my pictures but I don’t think I’ll be a “renowned Photographer” I don’t really dream to be one someday.I just love doing this as part of my everyday…


  2. But wouldnt it be best if doing something you love and making a living out of it.
    Do you really know me?
    I will be very astonished if you could recognize me.

    • It would be really nice and so ideal but you know ..
      I finally knew/found what I want to do in the near future..

      Your email address is familiar that’s why…
      I’ve received a mail before with a very similar address..kinda long time ago.

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