Natura 1600

壊れた・・壊したカメラ (-_-;)
will be re-uploading some old film shots here.


8 thoughts on “#36

  1. Hi there! Opening your camera to take films is one of unique pleasures for shooting with film cameras, I believe. It always reminds me of the first time I took pictures with my NEW FM2 which I had just bought at that time. It was a spring, I shot many cherry blossoms and was terrific moments for me. After that, I was told that my film didn’t get any image due to my mis loading for film. It was absolutely shocked moment, I admit, haha :)

    I’ll go see my grandmother this weekend. Of course, I go to sushi bars!! :D

    • Futoshiさん、
      oh! sorry to hear about your first roll of film! believe me it can really happen to anyone…
      I was only lucky I was able to load the film correctly but honestly.. was also scared the first time I load it (haha)
      And you are so correct!what makes it really exciting is the whole process of film photography.. Loading films, waiting and be surprised^^

      Anyway, it’s gonna be a rainy week here..
      I hope the weather will be good this weekend so everyone can enjoy the summer festival.

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