Portra 400 (去年の春)




I will do my best.



2 thoughts on “#11

  1. Hi, Megu-san! ;)
    It was a very cold yesterday’s morning you know, I planed to go out but I couldn’t :( Here it’s as if another world in Japan.
    BUT, I really enjoy eating seafoods such as sushi! I almost eat it everyday ;) You can’t taste such fresh ones in Nagoya.
    Hopefully your life in school will be good for you :)
    Oh, I restarted my English blog by the way, I’m sorry for late reply for you :(

    • Futoshiさん、
      Good morning and Thank you for dropping by^^
      No problem!I’ve read your reply already and I’m checking your blog for like everyday(^_^)take your time.

      Toyama yesterday was really really cold!two days ago the temperature was around 12℃ then the temperature went down to 3~4℃ so I cancelled all my schedules yesterday and stayed at home…I was too lazy 笑!

      Anyway, have you taken any pictures of Tateyama? You can clearly see it the other day^^

      Have a great day ahead!
      You’re leaving Toyama soon right?…But I hope you can visit again.

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